Statement of Intent

I’m going to be upfront about this: the entire point of this blog is for it to serve as a professional tool for showcasing my work as I attempt to wade into the high tides of the academic job market. I’ve been blogging for seven years now, but the previous blog was always a blend of personal and professional interests. At one time, at least, that was a deliberate choice on my part, the blog itself serving as a rhetorical statement that a direct separation of those two was a false one. I believed that online identity was not something that can be easily categorized or compartmentalized, nor even separated from offline identity, and that self is simultaneously constructed and porous.

So what’s changed?

Well, I still feel that these boundaries of the self are artificially constructed, but artificial constructions can be useful too. (As any human being who’s ever used a tool can attest.) Mostly, though, starting this blog is a pragmatic choice. With all the best will in the world, a digital media scholar with a blogspot domain is not going to cut it in a post-Tumblr world. Further, as someone who is on the job market, it seems rather unreasonable to expect potential employers or those interested in my research to have to hunt through my posts on local weather and how I feel about cats (they’re pretty great, generally) to reach more academically rigorous subjects. In short, it’s a much overdue rebranding, a recognition that a public blog should be as concerned with the audience’s desire as with the author’s.

As such, this blog will be home for a variety of subjects: critical engagements with popular culture, professionalization issues, and of course, discussions of videogames. It will also be a one-stop destination for anyone wanting to learn more about my professional life, in terms of conferences attended, CV, teaching, and so forth. I’ll be porting over material from the old personal site as I see fit and updating it with a new coat of commentary paint, as well as devising new posts based on where my current research takes me.

My feelings on cats, alas, will have to go elsewhere.


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